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Additional Services & Our Most Popular Ancillary Products

Our most popular ancillary products:

IVL have been fleet managing its customers since 1987. We have developed into a consultancy for all aspects of running a fleet.

Our knowledge gained is extremely wide due to the close relationships we have with our customers. Our comprehensive default car policy is our most useful product as it helps to refine and improve the running of a fleet without any additional cost.

If you would like to take advantage of our additional products please call or email to discuss your needs.

  • Consultation of the correct funding product 
  • Unbiased Vehicle selection  
  • Unbiased Contract Hire providers  
  • On line database with built in Risk Assessments for full Duty of care  
  • Default Car Policy Products   (perfect if you need to redesign your car policy)
  • Total Accident Management  
  • Flexi hire and short term hire  
  • Fleet insurance

Fleet Insurance

Professional fleet insurance

Contact us for a value for money policy tailored to your needs

The benefit of a fleet insurance policy for two, three, four or more vehicles is that different types of vehicle can be insured on the same policy, including Car Fleets, Van Fleets, Lorry Fleets, Taxi Fleets, Haulage / Goods Vehicle Fleets, Courier Fleets and mixtures of each.

Call the Bridle Fleet Insurance team and speak to a one of our specialists. Our experts can identify your particular requirements and ensure you have the right kind of insurance and will do their utmost to beat any other quote.

Having a fleet insurance policy saves you time, worry and money. Different types of vehicles can be covered and there are no restrictions on the type of business for you to be eligible for fleet insurance. Also, you may be able to add another type of insurance, such as goods in transit if needed. This means you can be covered for other areas without having to set up a separate policy.


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