About Us

IVL was established in 1987.  We have recently been acquired by a well-established and renowned insurance company, Bridle Insurance which has expanded its group of companies related to various vehicle funding operations. This integration of companies brings additional strength and expertise that will take IVL and the new associated companies to a new level to provide an unbeatable formula. 

Providing funding from all of the major funding operators in the UK and European markets.  In addition to the vehicle funding options we can provide untouchable insurance packages that can run alongside in-house vehicle management systems to help further enhance the running of your fleet, greatly reducing your overall costs.

IVL has always focused on providing a single port of call for its customers to gain a quick and unbiased representation on the many variables involved in selecting a new car along with providing the correct funding method to financially benefit the company and individual alike.  This personal approach does mean you access excellent customer service. Whether you have a single car or a large fleet, we can quickly understand your fleet and its policies to ensure you adopt continuity and consistency which is paramount to a stable fleet policy.  If you are looking for an efficient, well established team that has experience then please give us a call.